Dedication 2017

This year’s Exhibitor’s Book is dedicated to Kim Brockett, Mike Cappelli and Toni Schiano.

Kim Brockett, Mike Cappelli and their son Drew introduced the Guilford Fair to Triple Dale Farm’s Mammoth Donkeys with their educational display housed in the Barnyard Department.

As members and Directors of the Guilford Agricultural Society, they have volunteered many hours participating in work parties at the fairgrounds, setup and breakdown of the Fair. Kim Brockett had even served as Treasurer of the Guilford Agricultural Society over the past few years.

Kim and Mike have even loaded up their donkeys, goats, sheep and llamas in the wee hours of the morning to setup on the Guilford Green to advertise the Fair on Channel 8 with Gil Simmons. Kim and Mike also ride their donkeys Saturday morning of Fair weekend in the annual Guilford Fair Day Parade.

A few years ago, they organized and ran the Guilford Fair Donkey and Mule Show on Sunday of Fair weekend. They still run the show which became quite a hit with fairgoers. The Guilford fair is proud to host this show, being the only Donkey and Mule Show in Connecticut.


Toni Schiano of Lakeside Farm introduced the Llama Department to the Guilford Fair which is housed in the Poultry, Rabbit and Llama tent. She ran a 4H Club at her farm and the 4Hers exhibited their llamas at the Fair and even walked them in the Guilford Fair Day Parade on Saturday morning of Fair weekend.

A few years ago, Toni along with her family expanded the Llama Department into holding a Llama Show during Fair weekend which has become a popular event.

Toni is a very dedicated member of the Guilford Agricultural Society as she is always ready and willing to help out where she can.

The Guilford Agricultural Society would like to thank, Kim Brockett, Mike Cappelli, their son Drew, as well as Toni Schiano and her family for their valuable contributions to our Fair. Their support and Hard work adds an extra component that only enhances the Guilford Fair experience.