Department R : Photography

Department R- PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                                                                            Department R Rules 2016

Department R Entry Forms 2016



 Co-Chairperson: Lisa Collins Hughes & Larry Kalbfeld

Committee: Mary Collins, Jennifer Bernardo, Hal Scott, Jonathan Dudley, Rob Curry

Mail Entries to: Guilford Fair, P.O. Box 290, Guilford, CT 06437



Entries: (Please read instructions carefully)
• Entries may be mailed to: Guilford Fair, P.O. Box 290, Guilford, CT 06437, OR
may be dropped off at the fair office.
• Entry forms and PHOTOS must be received (not postmarked) by 5pm Saturday,
September 10.
• All entries must remain in place until closing, Sunday, September 18.
• Photos will be available for pick-up after 7:00 P.M on Sunday, September 18

Definitions and Display Instructions: 

Amateur Photographer – is one who does photography (taking and/or producing photos) for his or her own pleasure and /or display without prior thought of compensation.

Photo or photograph – refers to an image taken with either a film or digital camera, not altered or enhanced other than color adjustment or cropping.

Enlargements – Print sizes from 5”x7” and no larger than 11”x14”. Must be matted or mounted. Mounts may be any size up to 16”x20” maximum.

Snapshots – at least 2”x2”, 3-1/2”x5”, 4”x6”, and panoramic up to 4”x10”and mounted on cardboard or photo mats and no larger than 5”X7” or 6”X10” of panoramic.


1. Each Photo/print MUST be listed individually on entry form by title, division and class designation. The exhibitor name and address as well as the title, division and classification must be clearly marked on the back of each entry.

2. Juniors (age 15 and under) and Budding Photographers (age 10 and under) must also list age on back of prints and on the form.

3. Open to Amateur photographers only. All entries must have been taken by person entering same. Photos previously winning prizes at The Guilford Fair are not eligible for re-entry.

4. Any entries to be returned by mail must include an envelope with name and address, and return postage must be enclosed.

5. Each Photo MUST be individually matted or mounted sturdy card stock, no thicker than 1/8” total. NO Thick Foam Matte Boards or Framed Prints will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS

6. LIMIT 2 prints in each class (each division consists of 8 classifications), and no more than 10 photos/prints in total.

7. In all cases where the photo does not meet the requirements as specified, it will be ineligible.


Division 1 – Adult Color Enlargements (ages 16 and up)

Division 2 – Adult Black & White Enlargements (ages 16 and up)

Division 3 – Junior Color or Black & White Enlargements (ages 15 and under)

Division 4 – Altered or Manipulated Photography – open to any film or digital photograph whose composition has been altered or manipulated either by conventional, mechanical or digital methods.

DIVISIONS 5 & 6— snapshots- adult and junior

Division 5 – Adult Snapshots, Color and Black & White (ages 16 and up)

Division 6 – Junior Snapshots, Color and Black & White (ages 15 and under)

DIVISIONS 7 — budding photographer

Open to photographers up to and including age 10. Photos may be any size up to 11”x14”, both color and black and white. Judging for this division will be on the Danish System, all exhibits are judged on their own merit and not in competition with other entries. All entries will receive ribbons.

CLASSIFICATIONS: Each Division shall consist of 8 classifications: (2 prints per class) 

A. Wildlife                                                 E. Architecture

B. Scenic (Water and Landscape)       F. Fair Scenes

C. Flowers and Plants                            G. Pets

D. People                                                   H. Miscellaneous

Please follow Display Instructions and Rules


Division 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Enlargements & Digital Compositions
First – $10.00 Second – $6.00 Third – $4.00 Fourth – Honorable Mention
Additionally, Best in Show in Divisions 1, 2, 3 & 4 – Rosette and $15.00

Division 5 & 6 – Snapshots
First – Blue Ribbon Second – Red Ribbon Third – Yellow Ribbon


Tell a story about old time Guilford through your photography. This contest is in addition to the regular exhibit – Limit 2 entries


Themed Exhibit: Community, Country and Flag
Entries into this exhibit must be enlargements, all department rules apply for entry. Limit 2
entries per photographer. First, Second and Third place ribbons will be awarded.
Theme for 2016: Barns to farms, flowers to foliage, just add a flag. Let Old glory fly strong, representing pride in our country. Show your pride in our community and country by incorporating our flag in a photo that will display your feelings or emotions on where we live, our lifestyles and dreams.