Department W : Spinning and Fiber

Department W-Spinning and Fiber                                                                                                                         Department W Rules 2017

Department W Entry Forms 2017

 Mail Entries to: Guilford Fair, P.O. Box 290, Guilford, CT 06437

Entries close Saturday, September 9th at 5:00 P.m.

all exhibits in this division must be brought in

Thursday, September 14th between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m

exhibits must remain in place until closing, Sunday, September 17, 2017.

The tent will close at 6:00 P.M.

exhibits will be available after 7:00 P.M.

Ribbons will be given in all classes, except for the spinning contest.First Place $15.00, Second Place $10.00, Third Place $5.00



1. A limit of 1 entry per class except by special permission from Department Chair.

2. Any fiber may be used. Please specify fiber on entry form.

3. 2 oz. or more samples wound in 1.5 yards skeins or longer and tied in at least three places.

4. Judging will be based on consistenc of spinning, appropriate hand and overall quality.

5. Judge may elect to make special awards for outstanding entries.

6. All skeins must be hand spun yarn except for dyed yarn classes (classes 12, 37).

Class 1 – Novice Spinner (spinning for one year or less) – A single or plied yarn.

Class 2 – Fine Single Yarn – 20 or more wraps per inch.

Class 3 – Medium to thick single yarn.

Class 4 – Thick to bulky single yarn.

Class 5 – Fine Plied Yarn – 20 or more wraps per inch.

Class 6 – Medium Plied Yarn – 10-19 wraps per inch.

Class 7 – Thick Plied Yarn – less than 10 wraps per inch.

Class 8 – Plied yarn from at least 50% plant fiber.

Class 9 – Plied yarn from animal fiber other than wool (at least 50%) ex. Angora, dog, llama.

Class 10 – Any Navajo Plied Yarn..

Class 11 – Novelty Yarn.

Class 12 – Any dyed yarn.

Class 13 – Collection of Three Skeins.
First $25.00 & Rosette, Second $20.00, Third $18.00

Three different hand-spun skeins that have at least one element in common.
(ex: same yarn dyed differently; same fiber spun differently; three different fibers spun or plied using the same method)



1. All articles must be made from hand spun yarn. Exceptions for the felting class only.

2. Limit of 1 entry per class except by special permission from Department Chair.

Class 14 – Large knitted item.

Class 15 – Medium knitted item.

Class 16– Small knitted item.

Class 17 – Large crocheted item.

Class 18 – Medium crocheted item.

Class 19 – Small crocheted item.

Class 20 – Large decorative needle-felted item.

Class 21 – Medium decorative needle-felted item.

Class 22 – Small decorative needle-felted item.

Class 23 – Large wearable needle-felted item.

Class 24 – Medium wearable needle-felted item..

Class 25 – Small wearable needle-felted item.

Class 26 – Large decorative wet-felted item.

Class 27 – Medium decorative wet-felted item.

Class 28 – Small decorative wet-felted item.

Class 29 – Large wearable wet-felted item.

Class 30 – Medium wearable wet-felted item.

Class 31 – Small wearable wet-felted item.

Class 32 – Large fulled item.

Class 33 – Medium fulled item.

Class 34 – Small fulled item.

Class 35 – Miscellaneous decorative item (weaving, locker hooking, etc.)

Class 36 – Miscellaneous wearable item (weaving, locker hooking, etc.)

Class 37 – G-31 Educational fiber display.
First $25.00 & Rosette, Second $20.00, Third $18.00

Will be held Sunday, after the sheep show, outside the sheep and goat tent.


1. Pre-registration is strongly advised.

2. Each contestant must bring her/his own wheel (no electric) or drop spindle, and a niddy noddy.

3. Prepared roving will be provided.

4. Specific contest requirements will be explained before the start of the contest.

5. Trophies will be awarded based on entries received.



1) Fleece must be from a sheep owned by entrant.

2) Fleece must be from this years shearing. No more than 18 mo. growth.

3) Fleece must be cleaned and well skirted.

4) Fleece must be displayed in clear plastic bag.

5) Name of breed/cross breed and age of animal must be written on a tag and in the bag.

6) Limit of 2 entries per class

7) Juniors compete in the Junior competition. Junior competition will use the same classes  and guidelines as Open Show (example: 1a – junior class; 1b – open class);

First Place…$25.00, Second Place…$20.00, Third Place…$18.00

Class 38 – Fine wool

Class 39 – Medium wool

Class 40 – Long wool

Class 41 – Primitive wool

Class 42 – Fine wool – natural colored

Class 43 – Medium wool – natural colored

Class 44 – Long wool – natural colored

Class 45 – Primitive wool – natural colored