2017 Department PDFs


Rules (PDFs)
Entry Forms (PDFs)

Department A : Dairy and Beef Cattle
Department B : Pony Draw
Department C : Horses
Department D : Draft Oxen
 Department E-A : Donkey & Mule Show
 Department E-B: Llama Show
 Department F : Goats
 Department G : Sheep 
Department H: Swine
Department I-A: Poultry
Department I-B: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Small Mammals
Department J-A: Vegetables
Department J-A Jr: Junior Vegetables
Department J-B: Forage
Department K: Fruits
Department L: Baking
Department M: Canned Goods
Department N: Flowers
Department O: Junior Flowers
Department P: Needlework
Department P Jr: Junior Needlework
Department Q: Arts and Crafts
Department R: Photography
Department S: Junior Department
Department T: Antique Tractors
Department U: The Barnyard
Department V: 4-H Department
Department W: Spinning and Fiber
Department Y: Adult Collections