Dedication 2016

Gil and Gladys Lombard

gil-and-gladysThe Lombard family have participated in the Guilford Fair for many years. Both Gil and Gladys have been actively involved with the Fair for over 15 years.

Gil has served as 2nd Vice president and in addition to being a director for many years, Gil was responsible for selling all the ads in the Exhibitors Guide for what seemed like eternity (probably at least for him). He did this task alone until he got help from Patty Bohan who now took over this responsibility entirely. But Gil did not stop there with his work for the Ag Society. Gil took on the role of the Superintendent of Off Season Rentals, a position he now holds since taking over from Nancy Keeler. Gil works tirelessly at this job, even handling situations while out of the states on his vacation. Let’s face it, Gil could never take on all this responsibility had it not been for the support of his wife, Gladys.

Both Gil and Gladys are very dedicated to the Ag Society. Over the years you would find them both mowing, weed whacking and weeding the gardens at the Fairgrounds. When things started to look a little shabby both Gil and Gladys took it upon themselves to keep the property looking great. On top of all this, during the actual Fair days both of them volunteer at playing very important part of our security team. One can wonder do they even get the time to enjoy the Fair.

Over the years Gil and Gladys have become the self designated sentries of our Fairgrounds. We are so lucky and fortunate to have them as our good neighbor. They are the ever so diligent gatekeepers of our property, that we at the Ag Society so desperately need.

It is for these reasons and so many more personal reasons we are dedicating this year’s Exhibitor’s Guide to Gil and Gladys Lombard. We may not always say it, but we really do appreciate everything both of you have done for The Guilford Agricultural Society.