Poster :: 2013

2013-poster-for-web-600pxThis year’s Fair poster celebrates Guilford’s horticultural history, and is the result of a collaboration between David R. and iPad artist Raheem Nelson. David met Raheem at The Grove in New Haven, a co-working collective that fosters collaboration amongst its varied membership.

Raheem is an SVA-trained artist who has devoted himself to the relatively new discipline of iPad painting. His work is gaining attention and accolades, and the medium itself is attracting many well-known and established ‘traditional’ artists.

The poster’s imagery is based on Pinchbeck’s Rose Farm – the main building and its iconic stack – as well as one of their popular rose varieties. Recently, new life has been breathed into this historic agribusiness location through its partnership with Roses For Autism, adding another chapter to the story of Guilford’s agricultural heritage.


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