From the President

Dear Fair Exhibitors,

Good health comes in many forms, not just exercise.

Healthy eating is not easy with the everyday life style of the 21st century. It is quick and easy to buy fast food with very little nutritional value. These foods contain many preservatives in order to prolong their shelf life. Eating Farm fresh meats, vegetables and fruit is a much healthier alternative.

Enjoying time to yourself, participating in hobbies or special interest activities lead to a greater satisfaction in something you accomplish. This is very healthy for the mind.

It occurs to me that the Guilford Fair is a celebration of a healthy living lifestyle. Our Fair encourages participation in many aspects of a healthy life style. Our exhibits from the garden, with vegetables and fruit, emphasize our heritage that is still connected to the land. Garden or Farm fresh to the table is an extremely healthy life style that still continues to be strong in our community. The Canning exhibit showcases the talent of homemade jams and jellies as does our Baking exhibit contributing to healthy eating. Flowers from the garden is a healthy form of enjoyment as is all the creativity we have in Art, Crafts and Photography exhibits. Blankets, sweaters and mittens from the Needlework exhibit is a healthy lifestyle by keeping you warm in the winter months.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Guilford Agricultural Society, I would like to thank all exhibitors that so passionately participate in our healthy life style and thank you for sharing your talents, interests and accomplishments.

I would also like to thank all the Ag Society members for volunteering to make the Guilford Fair one of the best agricultural fairs around.

In summary, I will like to propose a toast to all of you. “May you enjoy a great harvest from your gardens and may your creativity never cease. May your life be filled with good health and much happiness.”


John Hammarlund
President, Guilford Agricultural Society