Covid Recovery Campaign: WE DID IT! WELCOME BACK!

Our 2020 COVID Operating Deficit Recovery Campaign was truly a community fundraising effort. We exceeded our $50,000 goal. We cannot thank our donors enough!

“In a way, the Guilford Fairgrounds functions as a second town green.”
— late benefactor & Guilford Agricultural Society Life Member, Lou Weady

The Guilford Agricultural Society, founded in 1859, produces the annual Guilford Fair — Connecticut’s second-oldest fair, and a Library of Congress Local Legacy. The Fair is a true community event, held close in the hearts and minds of generations of participants and fairgoers alike.  We attract about 20,000 people annually.

The cancellation of the 2020 Fair — as well as numerous other income-generating events on the Fairgrounds — left the Agricultural Society with a significant operating deficit.  We turned to our many “Friends of the Fair” — folks like you — to help us raise at least $50,000 to fill this large, sudden and unforeseen hole in our budget caused by the pandemic of 2020.  And you stepped up!  Thank you!!


We welcome your generosity year-round. There are many ways to give — please visit this page to learn more: “How to Donate”

Thank you Minuteman Press
for supporting our Campaign!

208 Main Street • East Haven

Thank you to the
2020 Cowrona Youth Classic
for your generous donation!

The Guilford Agricultural Society’s mission and efforts have kept agriculture in the forefront of the minds of Connecticut residents since 1859.  As a 501 (c)5 agricultural/horticultural organization, the Society also owns and maintains the 30+ acre Fairgrounds adjacent to the town of Guilford’s historic district. The Fair and the Society are so interwoven into the fabric of Guilford and the surrounding communities that many folks assume we are town-funded and are supported by taxpayer dollars. On the contrary, we rely solely on event revenue, donations and many dedicated volunteers to maintain the grounds and pay for the myriad, ongoing expenses needed to support and preserve this special spot in the heart of the community.

For years the Society has heard townspeople talk about the Fairgrounds as a taxpayer amenity – almost a second town green.  However, the Agricultural Society and the Fair receive no tax dollars to support our operations. The Fairgrounds has always been offered for rentals, on a limited schedule and scope determined by town rules. And some town events held there are FREE of rent and charges — such as providing the grounds for the annual town fireworks or the 2020 Guilford High School Graduation.  The Fairgrounds themselves are a vital and irreplaceable asset to our entire community.

The Agricultural Society has never lost sight of its fundamental purpose, which is to remain a living agricultural, historical, and educational institution in the community that also provides family entertainment and many happy memories. We know you will continue to help us preserve, protect and maintain this jewel in our community.

Thank you, Neighbors.