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Guilford Fair News

Guilford Agricultural Society Receives $30,000 in ARPA Funding


The Guilford Agricultural Society is happy to announce that we have been awarded $30,000 in ARPA (American Recovery Plan Act) funding, and are grateful to the Town of Guilford, in partnership with The Guilford Foundation, for managing this allocation in a fair and methodical way. We would like to thank First Selectman Matt Hoey and the Board of Selectman for their vision and generosity in allocating this ARPA funding for nonprofit recovery from COVID-19, and The Guilford Foundation for managing the process, so demonstrating the value that charitable organizations play in the Guilford community.

The Guilford Agricultural Society provides facilities and events on the Guilford Fairgrounds and its Board and volunteers ensure that this precious asset to the community is maintained and improved. Due to the inability to hold the Guilford Fair in 2020, the Agricultural Society needed to use existing capital to upgrade infrastructure on the Fairgrounds to hold future events, including the Fair, in a safe environment. This award will reimburse the Agricultural Society for the use of those funds.

The allocation of $1 million of ARPA funding to nonprofit organizations demonstrates the value and role that these organizations, and their volunteers play in the Guilford community.

We thank the town, First Selectman Matt Hoey, and The Guilford Foundation for the work that was done to review the many requests, and look forward to The Guilford Agricultural Society, the Guilford Fair and other events continuing to be an integral part of the Guilford community.

Guilford Agricultural Society Builds Two New Barns on the Fairgrounds


The Guilford Agricultural Society would like to express its gratitude to the Connecticut Department of Agriculture for approving the 2023 Farm Viability Grant of $49,999 for the building of two new barns on the Guilford Fairgrounds. The construction of these two permanent barns will enhance the ability of the Agricultural Society to expand their activities for agricultural education, 4H sponsorships, and other events year-round.

The mission of the Agricultural Society is to promote public and individual interest in the enjoyment and pursuit of agriculture and encouraging the farming community to develop relevant skills. The two new barns will provide permanent structures enabling year-round programs to assist in the education and training of farmers and expand outreach to the next generation through the 4H programs, so providing hands-on skill development to encourage the pursuit of careers in Connecticut agriculture. The Guilford Agricultural Society actions these goals through the full-time promotion of agriculture’s place in the community.

The barns significantly upgrade the infrastructure on the Fairgrounds, and so improve the ability to extend the Society’s outreach to the Guilford community and beyond. The two permanent structures will replace the tents which have been used in the past for cattle, sheep and goat exhibits at the Guilford Fair.

The two barns were raised in 5 ½ days by the Amish partners of the Agricultural Society, both of whom have worked together for many years. The Amish had also raised all of the other exhibit barns on the Fairgrounds many years ago. The Board of the Guilford Agricultural Society would like to thank the many volunteers who have also made this project possible, including A&W Sanitation in Guilford and Fischer Excavating in Branford, who have provided many essential materials for the construction effort.

Thank you.