Department D:
Draft Oxen

Department D: Rules (2022)
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Sunday, September 18, 2022 – 12 noon

Chairman: John Hammarlund • Co-Chairman: Tom Baker
Tel. (203) 214-4256 • Fairgrounds (203) 453-3543

Announcing: Lana Bonacassio • Assistant: Barbara DeMartino

Pit Crew: Bill Green, Bill Leete, Brian MacKinnel, Brandon Green, Missy Fisher & Connor Ball

Drivers meeting will take place prior to start of the Pull.

All Exhibitors must complete a W-9 Form.


Rules as adopted by the Connecticut Oxen Owners & Drivers Association will be used. Oxen may only pull in one class per day. Conventional whip or goad stick of wood no longer than 4 feet in length with a 1-inch diameter butt end and a 1/2-inch diameter tip end.

All draft oxen must weigh in at Guilford on the day of the Fair. Scales will be on Fairgrounds. The society will pay $25.00 for any team entered on the Secretary’s books that does not place.


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