Department G: Sheep

Department G: Rules & Entry Form

Co-Chairs: Anne McIntyre-Lahner & Evan Dudley

Anne McIntyre-Lahner, 2577 Boston Post Road, Guilford, CT 06437

$1.00 entry fee per animal

State Scrapie Regulations will be Enforced

1. Entries will be limited to two (2) per class per farm or family and a total number of
no more than 20 sheep per farm or family,except by special permission from
Deparment Chairs.

2. Group classes will be limited to one (1) per class per farm or family.

3. All sheep must have RABIES VACCINATION and have certificate signed and dated by
a veterinarian.

4. All sheep must have appropriate health certificates to show that the flock has been found
free of Scabies, Scrapie or any other contagious disease.

5. Registration of purebreeds and verification of health papers will be checked by
the superintendent upon exhibitor’s arrival. All animals must be inspected before
being penned. Acceptance or rejection of sheep will be left to the discretion of the
superintendent or health official.

6. Animals must be penned by 9:00 P.M., Thursday, and remain on the fairgrounds until
6:00 P.M., Sunday. Exhibitors will assist in dismantling and clean up of the tent.

7. Exhibitors must be present at time of judging and it is the exhibitors responsibility to
be aware of show order which is called alphabetically .

8. Exhibitors must supply feed and hay; bedding will be provided.

9. Entries will be accepted only in the classes listed.

10. Exhibitors are encouraged to enter fitting and showmanship and decorate pens with
educational information.

11. Youth, under age 21, compete in Youth Show. Youth Show will be the same divisions
and regulations as Adult Show. Show times will be announced upon arrival Thursday.
Youth Show precedes Adult Show; breeds will be called alphabetically. Only youth
exhibitors may enter classes 20 – 27.

12. Entries will be limited to a total of 80 sheep, and will be accepted based on the order
in which they are received. The superintendents will notify exhibitors whose entries
have not been accepted.