PLEASE NOTE: This page has not yet been updated for 2022.  Information and forms found herein are from 2021 and provided as reference only.

Department I-B:
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Small Mammals

Department I-B: Rules (2022)
Department I-B: Entry Form (2022)

Entries must be mailed or e-mailed (preferred) to:
Melissa Vincent, 55 Woodland Ave., East Haven, CT 06512
E-Mail: • Phone: (203)469-4198

Entries Close Saturday, September 11, 2021. No Post Entries Accepted.

Department Chairperson: Melissa Vincent
Committee: Jamie Lucca, Ed Vincent, Melinda Johnson, Clark Chapel

ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY IN CLASSES LISTED and in order of arrival to caging capacity all exhibitors must pay admission at the gate. PLEASE READ RULES below:

1. All entries must be free from any evidence of infectious or transmissible disease, including snot, weepy eyes, sneezing, matted paws, diarrhea, and mites. Final decision of the health of entries will be determined by the committee members. Animals that are sick will not be accepted. Animals presenting symptoms during the event will be removed from the showroom at first notice, and owners will be notified immediately to retrieve the animal. No refunds will be given.

2. Animals under 12 weeks of age or small enough to fit through cage bars will not be accepted, with the sole exception of a commercial breed meat pen entry.

3. All entries must be owned by the exhibitor.

4. Rabbits must be shown in only one of two classes: the ARBA Class for purebred show animals with a permanent ear tattoo OR the Pet Class for exhibitors whose animals are not purebred, do not have an ear tattoo, or are being entered for the purpose of being listed for sale. Only Junior exhibitors and Adults NOT participating in the ARBA class will receive a monetary prize for pet class rabbits.

5. CLASS 5 Pet Rabbits, CLASS 7 Pet Guinea Pigs, CLASSES 8 & 9 Small Pet Animals: Please list your animal’s breed, sex, and age to the best of your ability. Feel free to make a decorative name plate to clip to your pet’s cage (no identifying exhibitor information permited). An ENTRY FEE of $1 per rabbit must accompany your entry form for the use of cage space, bedding, and feed. There is no fee for guinea pigs and other small animals, as exhibitors must provide their own CLEAN cages, feed, vitamin treats, blanket for night covering, etc. A cooler will be provided for fresh veggies (please label your baggies). No habitrails permitted, and please limit cage space to 2’x4’ for exotic animals and 2’x2’ or less for smaller ones. Only rabbits will be handled, and only fair coops will be cleaned. These classes will be judged on the Danish System. Animals must be healthy, clean, and handleable (ie: will allow feeding and mild interaction) in order to qualify for placement. Guinea pigs with ear tags may be judged under the ARBA system (see below).

6. CLASS 6 ARBA Rabbits (and Cavies): All entries must be listed by identifying ear number, breed, class (Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Buck or Doe), and variety (color), according to the ARBA guidelines listed for each breed. For example: EAS24 Mini Lop Sr. Doe Chestnut Unshowable colors may be showcased in the ARBA class for the purpose of judging comments, but they will not be awarded a prize. An ENTRY FEE of $1 per rabbit must accompany your entry form for the use of cage space, bedding, and feed. Please enter meat pens in this class. Please enter tagged, purebred cavies in this class if ARBA judging is desired.

7. Feed, water, caging, and bedding will be provided for rabbits ONLY. Appropriately sized, heavyweighted feed and water dishes or bottles and cage risers (if desired) must be provided by the exhibitor. Metal cans or plastic cups are not permitted. Exhibitors requesting use of their own feed is fine, as long as feed is kept in an air-tight and water-tight container and properly labeled.

8. All ARBA entries will be entered in Open; there is no separate Youth show.

9. MAXIMUM ENTRIES per exhibitor for each division shall be: 20 rabbits and no more than 10 pet rabbits, 3 of any variety of guinea pigs, and 3 small animals.

10. Changes at check-in will only be allowed for an ARBA rabbit in the same breed and class.

11. All entries must be in place by Thursday, September 16, 2021, and will be accepted from 5:00p.m. until 8:00p.m. All entries must remain in place until the close of fair at 6:00p.m. on Sunday. Pick-up for sold animals may begin no earlier than 5:45 Sunday.

12. ARBA judging of purebreds will be judged according to the American Rabbit Breeders Standard of Perfection. Judging will be held Friday, September 17, at 7:00p.m., or at the convenience of the judge. Exhibitors in this class are encouraged to attend judging and to assist in the running of animals or writing at the table.

13. Exhibitors wishing to sell stock may mark cages with tags no larger than 3”x5” AFTER Friday judging has occurred. Sellers must be present at the time of sale (or leave contact information on the sale tag) and must make arrangements with the purchaser for pick-up at the close of fair Attendants will not assist in the sale of other exhibitors’ animals. Only animals entered may be sold on fair grounds.

14. CLASS 4 Junior Rabbit Showmanship: In our tradition of agricultural education, the Guilford Fair is pleased to offer a Junior Rabbit Showmanship competition. All Junior rabbit exhibitors are encouraged to enter. While a rabbit entry is not required, those participating must bring their own or borrowed rabbit. An exhibited rabbit will not be supplied unless previously agreed upon by its owner. Showmanship will be judged by an experienced 4-H leader or ARBA member who is knowledgeable of the rabbit showmanship process. Prize level will be determined by points awarded on a rubric. This class will be broken down into three more times). Most ideal times for this competition are Friday, September 17, at 5p.m. or Saturday, September 18, at 11a.m. Please list your availability on your entry form.

Prizes: Ribbons will be awarded for First, Second, and Third place in all categories