Mail entries to: Guilford Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 290 Guilford, CT 06437

Entries close 5:00 p.m. Saturday, September 14, 2024

Exhibits will be accepted for entry in The Barnyard between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 19, 2024.

All Exhibits shall remain in place until Fair closing at 7 p.m., Sunday, September 22.

The barnyard will close at 6 p.m. for removal of wire and fencing. Exhibits will be available for pick up after the removal of wire and fencing.

Chairpersons: Marlene Kennel, Jen Rowell, Brendan Rowell, and Zoi Buchta
Committee: Lorna Buchta, Kenny Buchta, Susy Buchta, Lee & Madeline Hubbard, Chip & Marilyn Leslie, Jeff Rowell, Cindy Smith, Shannon Simons and Jennifer Herbin

1. Entries will be accepted only in classes listed.
2. A child exhibitor must have done most, if not all of the work on their entry. If a younger child had help creating or baking their entry, please note this on the entry tag.
3. Commercially manufactured toys and dolls will not be accepted as an entry alone, but may be used in conjunction to create an entry.
4. Judging will be based on the Danish System- exhibits are judged based on their own merit, rather than against each other. Each entry will be awarded 1 ribbon. Each class be awarded at least 1 rosette.
5. Trophies will be awarded, “Best in Barnyard” (Kenneth Buchta Memorial), “Barnyard Bakery” (Laura Kennel Memorial) and “Best in Group” (Louis Weady Memorial).
6. Exhibits must be brought to The Barnyard building between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thursday September 19.

Schools, Scouts, Groups
1. May enter an exhibit from listed classes. Space is limited. A 3 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep area or bleacher space is available on a first come basis.
2. Please bring supplies needed; tape, scissors, stapler, etc.
3. Each exhibitor in a group will receive a ribbon. List the number of exhibitors in the group on the entry form for amount of ribbons. Each group entry will receive 1 rosette.
4. Group entries WILL NOT be broken up and taken individually. They must be picked up all together with all ribbons.

For any questions contact Marlene 203-843-5589


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