Letter from the President

Dear Fair Exhibitors,

Guilford is a unique coastal community with our roots in farming. Our ancestors worked the land, planting, harvesting, selling and eating our own crops. We are also a coastal community, where much of the food came from the ocean as well. Fishing, lobstering, clamming, ocean plant farming etc. have been a long-time industry along our shoreline and it continues to thrive today. As with land farming, this industry takes a lot of hard work, long hours including dealing with many adverse conditions.

This year we will like the recognize Guilford’s strong bond with the ocean. The ocean, or shore farming, provides not only food for our community but many other by-products used on our farms and daily living. This includes items such as fertilizer, pet and farm animal feeds, vitamins and oils to name a few. The 2018 Guilford Fair will have exhibits to educate the public and showcase how the fishing, lobstering, clamming, etc. industries had played such a large role in our history as well as a current industry today in modern Guilford.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Guilford Agricultural Society, we all those whose career of fishing, lobstering, clamming, and provide our community with an alternative selection of foods and products in our daily lives.

We like to wish all our exhibitors good luck with their entries and thank in our annual tradition.

I would also like to thank all the Ag Society members for volunteering to make the Guilford Fair one of the best agricultural fairs around.

In summary, “Enjoy your life along our beautiful and bountiful Shoreline.”

John Hammarlund
President, Guilford Agricultural Society

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