1. All exhibitors are required to pay admission fee.

2. Entry forms close 5 P.M. Saturday, September 14, 2024.

Entry forms should be mailed to The Guilford Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 290, Guilford CT 06437 unless specified on entry form.

Fair officials will be at the Fairgrounds on Thursday, September 12 to Saturday, September 14 from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. to receive entry forms not mailed. Fairgrounds Telephone 203-453-3543.

3. Those entering Department D will be allowed a driver and one helper. Those entering Department B and C will be allowed a driver and two helpers. All others will have to pay admission at gate.

4. All articles exhibited at this Fair must be the property of the exhibitor.

Entries in Departments J, K, M, N, and U must be received by 9 P.M., Thursday, September 19.
Entries in Departments L, O, & S must be received by 8 P.M., Thursday, September 19.
Entries in Department P must be received by 5 P.M., Thursday, September 19.
Entries in Departments F, G and H must be in place by 11 A.M., Friday, September 20.

5. Entries in Department R, Photography, must be at the Fairgrounds Office by 5 P.M., Saturday, September 14. Photography will not be accepted after that time.

6. All exhibits of Poultry, Turkeys, Geese, Pigeons, and Rabbits must be shown in the coops of the Guilford Agricultural Society. Guinea Pigs and Pet Stock are to be shown in exhibitors’ coops.

7. Should any individual enter an animal in any other name than that of the bona fide owner, the person making such entry shall not be allowed a premium should one be reported to the judges.

8. Premiums shall not be paid on articles or animals removed from exhibition before 7:00 P.M., Sunday, September 22, 2024 unless such removal has the special approval of the President of the Society.

9. Premiums must be paid pro-rata, provided there shall not be money sufficient to pay in full after paying the current expenses of the Society.

10. The Executive Board will use all diligence to ensure the safety of stock and articles after their arrival and arrangements on the grounds, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. All exhibits must be picked up by 8 P.M., Sunday. Exhibits not picked up by 8 P.M. become property of the Fair Association.

11. All decisions of judges are Final! No person will be allowed to interfere with Judges while in the discharge of their duties, and any person interfering will be disqualified.

12. No automobiles will be allowed on the Fairgrounds proper. Parking will be adjacent to the exhibition grounds.

13. Only people who are tending their animals will be allowed to remain on the Fairgrounds overnight. All others must leave the grounds at the conclusion of the day’s activities. Youth animal exhibitors staying overnight must have signed permission form found with entry forms.

14. All animals which require a rabies a vaccine must have a State Certificate/Health Papers showing that they have been vaccinated for rabies.

15. Performances and showtimes are subject to weather. No refunds due to inclement weather, show cancellation or schedule changes.



The Guilford Fair will be in compliance with all local, state and CDC guidelines.