We dedicate the 2021 Guilford Fair to the Farmers.  Thank you!!

2020 – And in the end, as a community, we saved the Fair.

The gates were locked. The grounds were bare.
No animals. No rides. None anywhere.
No cows. No ducks. No chicks. No sheep.
No oxen, donkeys, llamas – no, nary a peep.
No wafting smells of fair food in the air.
No rides. No shows. No smiles anywhere.
No veggies. No flowers. No knitting. No quilt.
Just spaces and grass where exhibits are built.
No circus. No high wire. No clowns or pig races.
No demos. No concerts. Just grass in those places.
The sun and the breeze softly brushed through the grounds
But eerily, so strangely, there were no other sounds.
The seasons they came and the seasons they passed.
Yet hope broke through the thick clouds at last.
Our neighbors and friends stepped out for a look
And one “hi there” or smile, well, that’s all that it took.
The farmer’s crops began to sprout from their beds
And like daffodils, we all began lifting our heads.
It was time to plan a Fair.

While we were all very disappointed about all of the people and things we were missing all around us, we kept pushing forward.

Thanks to a determined group of volunteers, we were able to mount a Virtual Fair in 2020. Seeing images and streaming of exhibits and performers kept us going. We hope it kept YOU going.

Thanks, too, to nearly 300 donors who helped fill our gaping pandemic 2020 operating budget deficit. We hope to pay it back to you 100-fold with the best Fair ever.

But MOST importantly, we must acknowledge our local agricultural industry. They played a large role in helping us all limp through this pandemic. Our local farmers were integral members on the front-line – truly essential workers. They fed our community by continuing to supply food and push their products to market, sold. direct to families who wanted less food handling, and donated much of their bounty to those in need. These farmers did all of this at much personal hardship and sacrifice. They willingly put themselves on the front line for the sake of our community.

The roots of The Guilford Agricultural Society run deep. The Society has never lost sight of its fundamental purpose: to remain a living agricultural, historical, and educational institution in the community. At a time of environmental advocacy, the Society’s goals dovetail closely with the current movement to better understand our Earth, its inhabitants and its rich resources.

Welcome back! We missed you!

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