Letter from the President – 2021

Friends of the Guilford Fair:

We miss you!  The live, in-person, traditional Guilford Fair had only been cancelled 8 times since its 1859 founding, but here we were locked down again. Like the world around us, Guilford Agricultural Society members, Fair entrants, visitors, and volunteers were crushed by a relentless pandemic no one understood but everyone feared.

As an agricultural organization, we are especially grateful to our local agricultural and aquaculture industries.  Our local farmers were integral players on the front line – truly essential workers – and we dedicate this fair to them.  (Read more…)

Farmers fed our communities by continuing to supply food and push their products to market, selling direct to families who wanted less food handling, and donating much of their bounty to those in need. These farmers did all of this at much personal hardship and sacrifice. Thank you!

In addition, there are hundreds of volunteers and donors we continue to thank for helping us bridge this unpredictable period.

Yes, we have missed a great deal in 2020 but this year, the 2021 Guilford Fair will not only be a historic celebration of our agricultural heritage, but recognition of our agricultural present.   We look forward to seeing you!

— John Hammarlund, President

•   The 2021 Guilford Fair is dedicated to our local farmers – integral players on the front line and truly essential workers. (Read more…)

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