The Zoo Show

Records and Burpee offers a variety of first-class educational programs and attractions. Our animals appear at fairs, parks, schools, libraries, museums, special events, promotions, television programs, and in advertising. Our animal family is seen live by thousands of people annually.

Husband and wife team of Lawrence Records and Alexandra Burpee founded Records and Burpee animal shows in 1987. Their experience in animal care, exhibition and training goes back to 1971.

Their mission is to share their animal family in a positive way that will both educate and entertain children of all ages. Their lives are dedicated to the well-being, safety and comfort of their animals and patrons.

The Zoo Show brings the zoo to the Fair! The Show is designed to be fun and educational. Discussed are each creatures physical adaptations and how they help them survive in the wild. Also considered are the consequences of wild animals as pets. The Show is suitable for all ages.

The Show runs 25 – 30 minutes and features 7-9 animals such as: kangaroo, tortoise, squirrel monkey, large python, colorful macaw and others.

Zoo Show showtimes:

Friday: TBA
Saturday:  TBA
Sunday: TBA

All times subject to change. Please check website for updated info.

Click below to watch a special video made for the Fair!